From what to wear to what to register for, planning and preparing for an upcoming wedding can sometimes be tricky. Navigating through each and every sticky situation with a smile can be even harder work. For instance, do you invite your cousin’s significant other even though you know it won’t last? Here are some answers to some of wedding planning’s toughest questions!

1. Who Should Be the First to Know That We’re Engaged?

Simply put, you have to tell people in order of importance to you. Don’t broadcast the news (photos included) to social networks before telling your family and closest friends. Think of it this way: your Maid of Honor shouldn’t find out that you’re engaged on facebook! In addition, if you have any children from a previous marriage, they should be told first. Parents, family members, godparents, and anyone you are particularly close with should also be told next, and before the news is public knowledge.

2. Are Engagement Party Gifts Expected?

Traditionally gifts at an engagement party aren’t expected but, some guests opt to bring a small token—like gift anyway. Because engagement gifts aren’t a standard and not everyone brings them, don’t expect presents to be opened at the event.

3. How Do I Get My Guests to RSVP?

If you’re at the point in your life where you are getting married, you’ve probably already thrown a party or two and realize how hard it is to get people to RSVP. First, you should give guests at least two weeks between the time they receive the invitation and the time an RSVP is due. This way, they have time to look at their calendar and make the necessary room. Second, approximately one week before the numbers are due to vendors, make follow-up calls to guests who have yet to reply. This is a great time to ask your wedding party or family for some help.

Written by Maria