VP Debates

While I usually like to blog about beauty and fashion, I want to make an exception tonight.  Ever since the 1988 Vice Presidential Debates between Lloyd Bensten and Dan Quayle, I’ve thought the vice presidential debates were underrated.  Aside from the fact that you have two people who are more willing to attack the other candidate and not necessarily seem presidential, you also have two candidates who are only a heartbeat away from the White House.  This is even more true with Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump, whose age has not been brought up often during the debates but is something that should give us pause when listening to their VP candidates.  Still, the VP debates aren’t without their own humor.

According to Fox News, Governor Mike Pence won the debate.  I’m not sure how much that poll can be trusted, however.   According to the NY Times, Governor Kaine won.  I’m not sure how much that poll can be trusted either.  In any case, I’m excited to listen to the spin tonight and tomorrow!


Written by Maria