About six weeks ago, I signed up for ClassPass and finally wanted to review it!  ClassPass is a subscription service that lets you take classes at multiple gyms for a fixed fee.  In short, I like to think of it as Netflix for gym classes.

During my six weeks of using ClassPass, I went to three boxing classes, three barre classes and one Barry’s bootcamp class.  I really loved using ClassPass – not only did I end up taking more classes than I thought I would, a ClassPass membership allowed me to explore LA and the gyms within it in a way I never would have before using ClassPass.

However, there are a few caveats to a ClassPass Membership:

  • You are fined if you sign up for a class and don’t show up.
  • Similarly, you’re fined even if you are late!
  • You’re only allowed a certain number of classes per studio.  For instance, you can’t just take 15 classes at Barry’s Bootcamp and call it a month.
  • Some classes aren’t available through ClassPass.  You can’t, for example, go to SoulCycle with a ClassPass Membership.
  • Finally, ClassPass is really expensive!  ClassPass is $115 per month for 10 classes, and $60 per month for 5 classes in Los Angeles.  They also offer an unlimited tier, which allows you to take unlimited classes for $175 per month.

Ultimately, I think I’ll extend my ClassPass membership one more month and then let it lapse.  While I really enjoy the service, I’m just not sure it’s cost effective.  I can almost pay for a membership to Equinox at the 10 class per month rate, and at that point, shouldn’t I just do that?  There are no cancellation fees, and I can go as often as a I want (plus free Kiehl’s products)!

Have you tried CP?  If so, what did you think?

Written by Maria