Pure Body

I’ve been using the Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask for nearly two months now, and I love it!

I use the mud mask once a week (almost always on Sunday evenings) and it has been amazing for my skin.  After using it for about eight weeks, the skin on my face feels fuller and less saggy.  In particular, I think it’s helpful for skin away from the T-zone, an area of the face that often gets ignored.  For instance, the skin around my cheekbones and chin looks younger and more vibrant.

My only word of caution around the mask is application.  First, be sure to apply with only two fingers.  It makes it easier to spread and less of a mess to clean up.  Second, be sure to wear a throw-away tank top or just your bra while letting it rest on your face for ten minutes.  I made the mistake of wearing one of my Outdoor Voices t-shirts and it got stained by the mask.  When I went to remove my shirt, the mask made a few stains. Finally, make sure you don’t wear it right after you clean the bathroom.  This mask can leave a bit of a mess :). Despite all this, I love the mask!

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Written by Maria