Recently, I’ve been thinking about taking multivitamins in order to improve my health.  Aside from perusing the aisles at my local Walgreen’s, I’ve looked at some brands on Amazon.  It turns out that the multivitamin industry is (not surprisingly) a massive industry in the United States.  When I started doing some research, I was overwhelmed with the amount of choices there were.

First, vitamins! Multivitamins are a smart choice if you are at the risk of nutrient deficiencies in your diet.  I’m careful with what I eat and what I put on my body, so I’m not overly concerned about being exposed to a nutrient-poor diet.  About two years ago, my primary care doctor did tell me I was short on Vitamin D, but I had just traveled to New York City for a few weeks in the winter and by the time summer rolled around and I was back in LA, the deficiency took care of itself.  As a result, I guess I’m not even sure I need multivitamins.  If I do, I’m not sure which to take!

Second, what format do I consume them in?  Multivitamins come in capsules, soft capsules, and even gummies. What format is best?

Third, what brand is best? At CVS, there are about four brands that have the exact same vitamins.  Which is the best?

I’m still trying to figure all of this out, but if you have any recommendations, please reach out to me in the comments below!



Written by Maria