I used to think my older sister’s skin care regimen was overdone, but as I approach my late 20’s, I’m envious of her skin.  Her skin has a soft glow to it, and hasn’t been marred by teenage acne.  Simply put, it looks amazing and it’s clear that her skin is really healthy.

Now that I’m older, I’ve put away my jealousy, researched the topic and have realized the way you clean your face makes a difference in the overall health and well being of your skin.  Lets be honest and also mention that healthy skin also plays a role in your confidence and mental well-being too.

As you go about your day, your face gets coated with all sorts of gunk, including dirt, bacteria, dead skin, soot from automobiles, and even oil that you naturally produce (called sebum). The purpose of a facial cleanser is to wash away all that gunk and give you healthier, better-looking skin.

We spent the past six months testing different face cleansers in order to identify the best for different skin types.  Here are our favorites:


First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

We love First Aid Beauty products in general, but this one is our favorite.  First, First Aid Face Cleanser is great at removing surface oils, make up, and even grime.  Second, it’s really easy to apply – the cleanser turns into a rich cream as it is blended with water – and it’s infused with an antioxidant blend that works hard to rebalance oily skin.  Third, First Aid is free of parabens, phthalates, SLS and other harmful chemicals.  We’re less worried about using a natural face cleanser as compared to a natural deodorant, but it is still something that is important to us.

Our team reported fewer red sports, flare ups and break outs as a result of using First Aid Face Cleanser on a daily basis for six weeks.

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SkinCeuticals Gentle Mild Cream

Dry skin is characterized by it’s flaky nature or tight feel.  Dry skin has a hard time hydrating itself because it lacks the correct balance of lipids (fats), water, or both. Often times, winter exacerbates the dryness, making it appear even more flaky.

For women with this skin type, we recommend you use SkinCeuticals Gentle Mild Cream. This face wash is specifically formulated to remove excess impurities from your skin without drying out your skin further.  In fact, we found that after four weeks of use, the face wash actually helped with the dryness factor too, and calmed the flakiness of dry skin.

Check out the reviews on Amazon using the link below, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Pure Naturals Mud Mask 

We love this mask so much that we have an entire post about it.  This isn’t a face wash so much as it is a face mask, but it’s central to our facial regimens (no matter your skin type), so we wanted to include it.  The key to the mud mask is how it works while it’s on your skin, and what it does when you remove it.  While it’s on your skin, the mud mask penetrates into your pores and revitalizes your skin, improving elasticity and reducing lines.  When you wash the mask off, it pulls out the toxins and excess oils present on your skin, giving you a fresh, vibrant look.  Simply put, this mask is amazing and it’s hands-down, our favorite part of our facial regimen.

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Written by Maria